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The Farmers Shop produces & distributes wholesome, healthful products which are rich in Quality, Authenticity & Purity.

The ultimate blend of taste and aroma without the use of artificial chemicals , hormones make the products powerhouse of vitamins & acids. A natural choice for anyone who believes in healthy living and its numerous benefits.

The company believes in growing through creativity and innovation. We wish to build an excellent customer base by providing enhanced services and quality that exceeds their expectations. The Farmers shop tries to keep its products as healthy and honest as possible.

The best cow ghee that I have tasted till now with great aroma , great taste and excellent texture 

Rythm Aggarwal
New Delhi India

The Farmers shop pure cow ghee ticks all the boxes that you need for ghee. Very authentic , healthy and tasty.

Vinod Kumar Peer
New Delhi, India

I was searching for pure honey when I came across this brand. I am impressed by the excellent quality of Indigenous Honey.

Sujit Kumar Gupta
New Delhi,India

I did my home tests for checking the quality of The Farmers Shop honey and found it very good. Definitely I would recommend it to any one who wants to lead a healthy natural life.

Sumair Bakshi
New Delhi, India

The Farmers shop is a food enterprise which endeavours to establish itself as the paramount supplier of quality dairy products, Honey, Cold pressed oils, Healthy dry Snacks and flavored mouth fresheners. The company strives to add a dash of natural flavour and goodness of heath in its products. The company has its office in Delhi . The Farmers shop wishes to keep the timeless tradition of pure and healthy products alive.

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